Automated Trading

Zefstech always aims at offering its clients a wide range of robust and profitable algorithmic trading strategies to build a highly diversified portfolio that optimally distributes risk, minimizes draw downs and steadily produces alpha over the long term.


The strategies have been developed by Zefstech’s internal team of experts for Zefstech’s Trade Copying & Portfolio Management System (TCPMS) and are products of several years of research, development and optimization.

The strategies have been programmed in MQL4 as so-called "Expert Advisors" (EA) for the well-established and widely used trading platform Metatrader 4.


Zefstech’s automated trading strategies along with the strategies provided by our external traders and strategy developers are available to all investors who have signed up at Zefstech in order to have their funds managed via the TCPMS.


MT4 Expert Advisor “VBO33”

VBO33 EA back test graph


VBO33 uses a special formula, based on Kay Stoeffler's proprietary technical indicator "VPower" to identify genuine market breakouts, driven by high volume / momentum...

MT4 Expert Advisor “DWMP 1.1”

DWMP 1.1 EA back test graph


The DWMP 1.1 EA opens a position if price touches a targeted daily, weekly or monthly pivot level or one of the 3 pivot S/R levels during a retracement...

MT4 Expert Advisor “LCPB”

LCPB EA back test graph


The LCPB (London Close Pull Back) strategy is based on the fact that the market has a tendency to perform a pull back due to profit taking around the time the London Stock Exhange closes...

Download the most recent detailed back test reports of all official Zefstech strategies, tested on multiple pairs and a period of at least 10 years.