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Welcome to the trader application form for becoming a trader for Zefstech's Trade Copying & Portfolio Management System (TCPMS).

We, Zefstech, are constantly looking for top-performing traders with many years of experience as professional traders and asset managers in the financial industry, who are interested in becoming providers of alpha-producing trading strategies for our investors via our sophisticated Trade Copying & Portfolio Management System (TCPMS).

Your experience, qualifications and requirements: The performance of your strategy in both back tests and live trading should meet the following criteria:

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You can upload and attach to your application up to 5 documents, like your up-to-date CV, audit letters (if available), recent MT4 statements, back test reports, etc.
If you have multiple back test reports, please pack them into a zip or rar archive and upload that archive file.
When uploading your MT4 back test reports, please include both the html and the gif files showing the graph.
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